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Passion and devotion in a unique pen.
Aleph: Marlen’s collection for the forum “Fountain Pen”

From the collaboration of Marlen and Daniel Greco, moderator of the forum , comes the creation of Aleph, a pen characterized by a mix of tradition and innovation, with an exclusive nib thought to evoke the pleasure of the handwriting.
A project inspired by a firm passion and devotion…
The passion of the portal that from years encourages the revival, the use and the spread of the fountain pens and calligraphy, sharing information and news, promoting a meeting among the professionists and introducing to a common field of work to reach these aims. 
The devotion of Marlen, creating the most famous writing instruments founded on the finest craftsmanship tecniques of good esteem from over thirty years and with this project reaches an important step, the main aim of the firm from all the time: creating pens ready to satisfy to the max all the expectations and needs of every owner of a Marlen pen.The result of this collaboration is a Flat Top with piston filler and a nib with fine harmonic steel. The body of the pen is presented as made of resin surmounted by a vivid grey color bar in order to be fully inspired to the old flat top with basic and neat lines.


The nib made of harmonic steel guarantees a good flow for pleasant flexions. The lateral grooves are functional without the overshadow of the esthetical design allowing the necessary pressure for the flexion. The pen is completed with an elegant and unusual transparent conductor.
For the package there is the usage of paper marked FSC, thus not chemically treated and 100% recyclable because for the firm the respect of the environment is an absolute priority.
The Aleph pen has been sold exclusively in a limited edition to all the members of the forum in which it was accepted with appreciation and enthusiastic comments. 
For further information, comments and pictures, it is possible to visit the forum (with free sign up) or visiting directly Aleph page on Marlen website.

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