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  • November 2016

    "The major achievements deserve to be celebrated with elegant gifts to enhance their value" A corpo...
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  • December 2013

    Semiramide, Marlen continues the journey in the opera masterpieces. The new collection of writing i...
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  • January 2014

    Marlen Pens wants celebrate Love with two c A very special Saint Valentine’s Day with Mon Amo...
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  • February 2014

    Marlen pens: the perfect gift begins from here. Style Lux collection is perfect for celebrating all...
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  • March 2014

    360° Collection: italian craftsmanship and high quality materials make Marlen 360° Pencil a...
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  • April May 2014

    Passion and devotion in a unique pen. Aleph: Marlen’s collection for the forum “Founta...
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  • Summer 2014

    Marlen, parfum at pen’s lenght. The craftsmanship and Marlen Style in a new and innovative co...
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  • October 2014

    A Marlen Pen for Pope Francis.   Last July, for the Pope Bergoglio visit in Caserta, Marlen h...
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