Sumptuous, luxuriant, regal, intriguing, curious, origioriginal… Certainly unique, revealing its unmistakable and irresistible charm! A double use instrument, permitting one to discover the infinite pleasures of owning something that is completely different, to not say, totally singular and rare: the sundial pen. On the deluxe magnum version the special lateral filling system button, or “petit complication” has been enriched with a precious stone (ruby or diamond, depensing of the versions) which has been set in the centre. This has been placed in a niche on the side of the pen’s barrel, which is covered by a miniature openingand closing hatch.

The exterior of the hatch has an image of the sun in high-relief with the latin phrase sol omnia regit, which simply means “our existence depends entirely from the sun”. all the deluxe versions’ hatch is made in 18 kt solid gold. The “prestige” standard version has the classic piston filling system. the cadrain solaire pen is made in manufactured microfusion (solid sterling silver, solid 18kt white gold, yellow and rosé gold, depending on which version is acquired ), then these highly detailed pieces, being the cap and pen’s body, are hand worked by marlen’s artisan goldsmiths who, with extreme precision, finalize these elegant shapes.

Other accents are of various origins, being precious stones (rubies or diamonds, depending of the version), but above all the actual intriguing sundial which has been proportionally miniaturized to adapt the cylindrical shape of the pen, showing the sundial hours and the different constellations. at the extreme base of the barrel around the blind cap are indicated the initials of the twelve calendar months, from which descend vertically down the pen’s barrel other lines to show the zodiac signs. when you wish to use the cadran solaire as a sundial, place the pen in a vertical position and the gnomon must be positioned at 90° horizontally from the time lines shown on the pen’s dial (pen’s body). The 3 spheres on the tip of the functional gnomon correspond to the 3 latitude points on the pen’s body (pointed with precious stones – rubies or diamonds, depending of the version), indicating 40°, 45° and 50°. When you wish to use the instrument as a fountain pen, though, keep the gnomon in a closed position. all gnomons are made in 18 kt solid gold, in all the models. on the highly detailed high relief overlay is also engraved the palindrome phrase: en giro torte sol ciclos et rotor igne. If you read this saying either from left to right or visa versa it reads the same; it indicates the sun’s fascinating never-ending seasonal cycle. the two extremes of the pen, being the top of the cap and the bottom of the blind cap, in high-relief show the sun and the antique compass-card, which again have been realized by marlen’s artisan master-craftsmen, who showed the best of their expressive art.

Veined grey celluloid for the nib holding. Again the luxury packaging has been confectioned in relation to the importance of the two-in-one piece; it has a “carrara” marble base (the same used by the famous italian sculpture and artist michelangelo), which also has a bi-functional designed so that it may hold upright the pocket sundial gnomon clock or an elegant support for the cadran solaire fountain pen. the cover is in laqueredy wood which perfectly and elegantly finishes this luxurious confection box, which of course also contains the presentation booklet. The entire confectioning is completed with an outer protective carton casing.