Sundial fountain pen proposes an ancient system of measuring time in a modern key: the sundial. The functioning principle of
this instrument comes from the different height of the sun on the horizon during the day and during different months of the year. The sundial, in this case, is the clip to gnomon, which rises perpendicularly and casts the shadow on the barrel of the pen.

The three spheres correspond to 3 points of latitude marked on the stem. The stem is covered with silver, polished and brushed, engraved with symbols that represent the hours of the day, the Zodiac, the calendar, arranged so as to be able to determine the time based on the shadow cast by the gnomon. Sundial was also produced in the roller version.

Both models have the cap in black resin with silver decorations. The top of the cap, in silver, is decorated with a traditional image of the sun as bas-relief, while on the top ring Marlen logo and the series number are engraved. On the back, another disc in silver shows the cardinal points with wind rose.