Customer Service

International Guarantee

Your Marlen is covered by a guarantee of 3 years against defects due to faulty materials or defects of production.
Each piece or part with defect of production stated by our technicians will be, discretion of Marlen Italy, repaired free of charge.

Use the Guarantee

In order to have use of the guarantee, it’s necessary to show to a Marlen Italy authorized distributor, the certifi cate of guarantee for MARLEN completed, dated, stamped and
signed by the retailer.
So keep safe your certifi cate of guarantee.

Expressly excluded from the guarantee:

  • The inks (subjects to natural consumption during the use).
  • Defects due to accidents, incorrect use, alterations,
    manipulations or repairs not executed by an authorized
    Marlen Italy distributors.
  • Loss or theft.