Everything that surrounds me is full of nobility,
it is the great work
and respectable with harmonious human strength, the monument
magnificent not already of a sovereign, but of a people.
– Johann Wolfgang Goethe –


Venice, 1600 years of history, innovation, integration, welcome, hospitality, beauty that the whole world admires. A story of many women and men who have, with their lives, built not only a city, but its essence, its spirit, its soul. A free and resilient city which, in these 1600 years, has also been able to overcome many difficult moments, coming out stronger and more proud”.

– Luigi Brugnaro, Mayor of Venice.

In 2021, the 1600th anniversary of the foundation of the city of Venice will be celebrated, which according to tradition dates back to 421, when the building of a church, the current San Giacometto, began in Rivus Altus (Rialto).
Marlen celebrates the anniversary with this particular limited edition (made in two versions: silver and vermeil), dedicated to the event. A tribute to the 1600-year history of a city where all citizens of the world are welcome, a city open to meeting and cultural exchange where people, cultures and faiths, even profoundly different from each other, have met and shared common paths respecting one’s own identities, emphasizing the role of the city as a bridge between different cultures, unique for its cultural and landscape heritage.
– Venice, the oldest city of the future.

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Fountain pen, Gold nib – F, Fountain pen, Gold nib – M, Fountain pen, Gold nib – B, Rollerball pen


Sterling silver, Vermeil


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