Non chi comincia ma:
quel che persevera.

Not who begins
but who


This collection pays tribute to one of the most famous symbols of Italy in the world: the Amerigo Vespucci training ship. It is a limited edition of 188 pieces for the fountain pen and 88 pieces for the rollerball pen. The barrel of the pen consists of a silver band on which the profile of the ship in high/bas-relief is reproduced.

The barrel is completed by a series of wooden, white celluloid, Italian resin rings and a silver ring with the friezes of the ship in high/bas-relief. The cap is composed of a series of rings in Italian resin, wood, white celluloid and silver enriched with small brass portholes. The ring traces the written “Amerigo Vespucci” in high/bas-relief.

The silver clip is in the shape of a sail, on which a piece of canvas from the ship has been set. The silver head of the cap is finely decorated with the laurels of the Italian Navy.


Additional information

Fountain pen – Gold nib F, Fountain pen – Gold nib M, Fountain pen – Gold nib B, Rollerball


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