The “Ultima Cena” (Last Supper) collection, pays homage to the fascinating reproduction of one of the most important works of all time: the wall painting by Leonardo da Vinci preserved in ‘former refectory of the dominican convent in Milan and entered in Unesco heritage humanity.

The collection was made in only 28 pieces worldwide, in Italian and silver resin. On the silver barrel is reproduced the miniature of the entire work of the master of the renaissance. on the cap, the thumbnail of the detail of the face of christ. At the top of the cap, a silver disc reproduces the Marlen brand. clip in silver. Each pen is individually painted using a special technique.

The density of the meaning of the work, which represents the most dramatic moment of the gospel, coupled with the perfection of features and the quality of materials used inconstruction make this pen an almost solemn instrument.